Taking Stock #2/2015

Nothing hits you harder than when one of your close friends disclosed that she is suffering from breast cancer. Life seems good one moment and it broke apart in the next moment. It was all the more difficult to accept as I received the news while I was on holiday in the Maldives.

With parents and old folks, you learn to accept grudgingly that they will pass on eventually.  But when it is a close friend who is just a few years older than me, the news came as a shock, as it felt like it was my mortality hitting me straight in the face.

I could be her.

My First Bite of the Big Apple ( 3 – 7 Jul 2015)

Statue of Liberty

Long overdue.

4th July fireworks display, Central Park, High Line Park, Broadway, Staten Island, Empire State Building, Met Museum. Quite a lot of tourist sites jammed into 3 days. I had to constantly remind myself to take it slow and relax.

I had the best time in Central Park and High Line Park, jogging and strolling around,  with the burden of work lifted from my shoulders. Broadway musicals were the perfect companions when I just want to have an easy evening. I caught the Jersey Boys and The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder on 2 days, and happiness was chancing upon a restaurant that sells $2 pizza one evening after the musical.

The Staten Island tour was more than just seeing the Statue of Liberty. The change in the symbolism the statue represents over the years, the engineering breakthrough to piece the statue together, etc were inspiring stories.

Would I visit NY again? I don’t know. It was a little bit of a let down actually. Somehow, the trip didn’t quite live up to the pre-holiday expectations I had. Maybe it was just not the right holiday destination immediately after an exhausting work trip.


Still so juvenile

Do you still quarrel with your friends at ripe old age of 38?

Do you give in and make up first?

Do friends who quarrel stay together longer?

Short fuse and hot weather are a lethal combination.

I know it does not justify for my quick temper but I just had to retort and bitched about E. This my way to manage my anger and frustration. Keeping it pent-up within me will just cause me to resent him no matter how far our friendship went.

Time for more 凉茶 to keep my temper in check.

Virginia and Washington D.C. Revisited (24 June – 2 Jul 2015)


A busy work trip. Each day starts at 7am and ends at 10pm plus, with more work to be done in the hotel. This was the first work trip I found myself dozing off on my laptop in the hotel and not turning on the TV in my hotel throughout the entire length of stay in Virginia.

Such is my sad life.

There was no room for respite. We only had time to drive to D.C. on the last night to visit the major sites. Not that I want to but my 2 other colleagues needed to do this badly as it was their first time in USA and the only sights they had seen was our hotel, WalMart, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, WPFG competition venues. Definitely not something they can brag about when they return to Singapore. For me, to see the major monuments illuminated by artificial lights and natural moon light was the only thing that could entice me to make that long drive to D.C. And they were indeed breathtaking at night.