Still so juvenile

Do you still quarrel with your friends at ripe old age of 38?

Do you give in and make up first?

Do friends who quarrel stay together longer?

Short fuse and hot weather are a lethal combination.

I know it does not justify for my quick temper but I just had to retort and bitched about E. This my way to manage my anger and frustration. Keeping it pent-up within me will just cause me to resent him no matter how far our friendship went.

Time for more 凉茶 to keep my temper in check.

Virginia and Washington D.C. Revisited (24 June – 2 Jul 2015)


A busy work trip. Each day starts at 7am and ends at 10pm plus, with more work to be done in the hotel. This was the first work trip I found myself dozing off on my laptop in the hotel and not turning on the TV in my hotel throughout the entire length of stay in Virginia. Such is my sad life. There was no room for respite. We only had time to drive to D.C. on the last night to visit the major sites. Not that I want to but my 2 other colleagues needed to do this badly as it was their first time in USA and the only sights they had seen was our hotel, WalMart, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, WPFG competition venues. Definitely not something they can brag about when they return to Singapore. For me, to see the major monuments illuminated by artificial lights and natural moon light was the only thing that could entice me to make that long drive to D.C. And they were indeed breathtaking at night.

Maldives (1 to 10 May 2015)


I took a dive trip to the Maldives in May with 3 colleagues. Maldives is truly a fantastic dive destination. Reef fish that had to be searched for in other dive destination are in abundance here. Whale shark chasing and really close encounter with reef sharks and manta rays. My ultimate dive dream came through on this trip. As usual, good company prevails and MV Princess Audrey was worth all the cents spent.

This dive trip would go down as one of my most memorable holiday because of 2 other things: 1) Labour Day Protest and 2) Villingili Island. We are so used to a peaceful Labour Day in Singapore that we forgot that Labour Day in other countries usually see violent protests being held. We unwittingly walked into a Labour Day protest on Male. The protest started peacefully in the day and we were actually enjoying our afternoon tea next to the protest site as the protest started. However, the situation quickly deteriorated at night when we discovered a lot of streets were barricaded when we went out for dinner. We were watching the mass gathering outside our hotel after dinner and our work instinct immediately kicked in when we saw many protestors running towards us. We returned to our hotel immediately and watched from our balcony the police fired tear gas into the crowd to disperse the protestors. Sirens were heard throughout the night and fortunately peace returned when morning came and we were able to get to our boat safely.

Villingili Island was the result of a mistake in our hotel reservation. A mistake that we were glad we made as we had the authentic experience of taking the local ferry service and stay on this tranquil island, away from the crowded Male. We stood out like a sore thumb on the local ferry but we relished every moments. The seats on the ferry are make shift chairs and the life jackets are tied below the chairs. This was truly an eye opener for us. The island offered us a glimpse into the local life. There were very few tourists on the island and the life on the island was idyllic. Children were playing football in the field and jumping over rubbish bins for fun. The adults were just contented sitting in the swings under the trees and swaying along with the soft breeze. It was truly blissful on the island after our tumultuous stay on Male.

Taking Stock #1/2015

This place has very much been reduced to a platform for me to document my travels. The drive to write has been lost to a combination of laziness and busyness. Very convenient excuses indeed. Hence I decided to kickstart the writing again, by doing quarterly stock take. Not to see how far I have come in terms of accomplishments but to see if I have remember to live my life or conveniently let work consume my life again.

The year so far since Dec has been great in terms of catching up old friends. I had my first sec sch gathering after many long years. So one Saturday saw around 20 over ladies took over the Straits Kitchen with our boisterous laughter. Time didn’t seem to have passed between us.  Out came the photographs and stories of our past antics. The happiness at meeting everyone almost choked me up with emotions. It was the first time that I felt like this at a sch gathering. It just showed how wonderful my sec sch days were with these ladies.

At work, I was made to do a ukulele performance with my colleagues at our annual appreciation night. It was a most stressful period, juggling with the practices and expectations. I was only glad that I had the fullest support of my instructor whom I reconnected with because of this performance. I also finally got down to putting myself on a class waiting list for more advance ukulele lesson. The next few months will also probably see me starting on a new chapter at work if all things go well.

I also resumed regular exercise after laying off running after the HK Standard Chartered Run. The NTUC Income Run was a painful experience and it just showed that I am not just as good as I am in a 10km run. Perhaps it was a sign to just stick to 10km? Still too early to make such a decision. I also finally took up Pilates Reformers, which has been great in the overall sense of healthy living and improving my runs. Actually also tried Redefined Intense Organised Training (RIOT) but the sessions were torturous and I decided it was just not for me. I have also been on an almost daily breakfast of oat and fish oil supplements in a bid to cut down on my cholesterol level. It remains to be seen in 2 weeks time if it works.

NTUC Income Run. It has been a long time since I could wake myself up at unearthly hours for a run.
NTUC Income Run. It has been a long time since I could wake myself up at unearthly hours for a run.

On the family front, Megan turned 10 recently and Marcus will be 8 this weekend. Time flies. I was also reminded of my parents’ mortality again after my father’s knee replacement surgery and especially LKY’s passing. It signals an end to an era, which parents grew up in. I have also tried to go to church more regularly. 2 friends have given me a book ‘The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?’ as a Christmas present to encourage me to embrace Christianity and to go to church more often. I am still working hard at the church going. Unfortunately, I have not started on the book yet, which I am aiming to finish on my coming holiday.

It doesn’t seem too bad for 1st quarter of the year.